What is Windows XP | Computer Bot

What is Windows XP | Computer Bot

Windows XP is a line of proprietary operating systems which was developed by Microsoft and is meant to be used for general purpose computers, such as home computers and business desktops, notebook computers and various types of media centres. Windows XP succeeds Windows 2000 and Windows ME, and is the first consumer-oriented operating system produced by Microsoft to be built on the Windows NT kernel and architecture. The most popular operating systems versions are Windows XP Home Edition, which is primarily meant for home users, and Windows XP Professional, which boasts additional features, such as support for Windows Server domains and dual processors, and is meant for professionals and other experts. Windows XP Media Center Edition has additional multimedia. features. Windows XP has an edge over the earlier versions of Microsoft Windows because of enhanced efficiency and better stability.

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    Windows XP helps you access and manage your files on the PC using a Graphical-User Interface GUI. All Programs and files stored on the PC are represented as pictures that are called icons. These icons are stored on the desktop.


    The Windows XP user interface consists of various components and concepts that help make Windows XP user friendly and intuitive. We will discuss these components and their use in Windows XP in this unit. Some important ideas that we will discuss are:

    • Desktop
    • Windows
    • Start Menu
    • Applications
    • Taskbar
    • Folders
    • Icons
    • Files
    • Recycle Bin
    • Control Panel

    We Will explain what these components are and how to make use of them to most of your operating system. 


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