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Personality development can be defined as the technique of increasing the ability to influence and persuade others using personal magnetism. Personality development involves developing a personality to create a strong positive impression about oneself with the targeted group and maintaining the same in the long run. It is the act of developing a perfect balance between a healthy body, an illumined mind and controlled emotions.

Personality Development in Computer Education

A developed personality is just as the electric atom which charges the bits of steel within its range and draws the bits to its charged point. An actor, for example, must establish contact between himself and the audience. Once he succeeds in doing so, he learns how to retain that contact, that interest, that bit of electric charge, in order to hold the audience to the end.

A person with a fine personality would ideally be one who is kind, has a clean mind and body, is unselfish, has a good disposition, adheres to ideals and principles, is honest, true to himself and others, is loyal, believes in religion and spirituality and enjoys good health. The process of self-improvement cannot be rapid. You must acquire wisdom in addition to knowledge. Wisdom involves aim, purpose, ideals and character. Ideas and ideals are powerful determining factors in the development of personality and character.

According to Oliver Wendell Holmes, 'Knowledge and timber shouldn't be used much till they have been seasoned."

It is every person's inherent right to wish to advance in life. To progress constructively should be the desire and the principle urge of every man and woman's existence. Success depends greatly upon a magnetic and pleasing personality.

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To build a well rounded personality, one must learn how to reach out and and draw from within a strong unit of personal power. This personal power can be built and developed over a period of time. You can discover personal power through a healthy and radiant body, an open mind, a pleasant and convincing voice, a keen sense of observation and imagination, a sense of humour, a sense of optimism and enthusiasm, a strong desire to excel, tact in dealing with others, self-confidence and poise.

Physical appearance, however, comes foremost. People are likely to be judged first by the impression given by their outward appearance. As they rightly say, "The first impression is the last impression'.

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