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The features of Windows XP are as follows:

1. All PCs give you the liberty to personalize your system according to your liking. XP makes it easy to personalize your computer by adding colour, patterns, pictures, and even sound to improve your screen's appearance.

Features of Windows XP | Computer Bot

2.The User Accounts feature in Windows XP enables storing personalized settings and preferences by numerous users. Every time a new user logs in and request data, the computer retrieves it as though it has the information related to that user alone. User Accounts also help by securing your PC.

3. A Web browser called Internet Explorer comes as part of Windows XP. It gives you access to a rich knowledge base by accessing the Web.

Another interesting feature of Microsoft Windows XP is the Internet Connection Sharing (ICS). The computer using ICS, called the ICS host, can share its Internet connection with the other computers on the network.

4. Outlook Express is another widely used application in Microsoft Windows XP. With Outlook Express, you can send and receive e-mail messages. It also lets you manage these messages by organizing them into different folders.

5. Windows Messenger provides the facility of instant text, chat voice, and video communication with friends and family all around the world.

6. Windows XP's Security Zone feature lets you assign security options for website access. It restricts you from exploring different sites by selecting the desired security level and asks for your approval before opening a file or running a program from the Internet.

7. With Microsoft Windows XP, you can download music from the Internet, arrange tunes in the order of your preference and compile them into a CD of your own. You can also store music on a portable MP3 player to enjoy your favourite tunes while you are away from your computer.

8. With its new Photo Album feature you need not worry about getting your photographs developed in the photo studio. You can categorize your photographs and keep them in a digital album on Windows XP. You can even edit these pictures to make them look more exciting and interesting. Moreover, Windows XP has some additional features which help you to view photos, as well as print, store and share them.

9. It also enables to play games on separate computers or with each other, as well as on the Internet. With its Internet gaming feature users can play multiplayer games with networked computers.

10. Windows XP has the option of linking computers to create a network, thereby sharing expensive resources, peripherals and even Internet connections. You can share scanners, printers, hard disks, files, folders and play multicomputer games.

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