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Coding : During this phase, the programming or coding is carried out for various functions of the software system as outlined in the detailed design document. Thus coding has to start after completing the above activities. In the early days, software development was considered to be coding only. This led to problems. Dividing the activity into many phases as discussed above builds quality into the product. At the end of this phase, the source code for the software will be available.

Coding | Features of a Software Code | Computer Bot

Features of a Software Code

The code written for a software should be according to the requirements of the users. A program is said to be good if the software code is flawless or contains minimum errors. For the effective performance of a software, some particular features that are required in almost all languages that are used to write the software code. These features are as follows:

• Simplicity: A software code should be written in a simple and concise manner. Simplicity should be maintained in the organization, implementation, and design of the software code.

Modularity: Breaking the software into several modules not only makes it easy to understand but also easy to debug. With the modularity feature, the same code segment can be reused in one or more software programs.

• Design: A software code is properly designed if it is presented in a proper manner. The design of the software should be decided before beginning to write a software code. Writing the software code in a specific, consistent style helps other software developers in reviewing it.

Efficiency: A program is said to be efficient if the software program makes optimal use of the available resources.

Clarity: Software codes should be clear so that developers are able to understand the program without any complexity. Clarity can be achieved by using features such as simplicity, readability and modularity. Note that clarity comprises clarity of code, clarity of design, and clarity of purpose so that one knows what occurs at each level in the software program.

Accessibility: Software codes should be written in a way that the software components (for example, files and functions) are easily available and accessible. For the files and functions to be accessible, they should have meaningful names as well as supporting captions and text for each image. Similarly, there should be hyperlinks and navigation aids to assist the users in searching information from different sections of the software code..

Stability: Software codes are said to be stable if they are able to work correctly on different platforms without affecting their layout and consistency. To check for stability, software codes should be tested for errors and inconsistency.

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